Sweet attack
Essence of fruit, perfect taste.

Food is far from trivial. It has value. Our purchases, like our diet, shape the world we live in and the world we will leave to future generations. It is important to realize this.

Butter and flour determine the delicacy of Vienna flavor

Layers of dough are carefully shaped layer by layer. Vienoiserie, waiting to be completed in the oven, emits the mellow aroma of esire butter in the process of approaching baking. Fermented butter and rough wheat from France.

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63 Boulevard Pasteur - 75015 Paris

Pasteur boutique is located on the top floor of Pasteur square. It was completed in 2007 under the kind gaze of Montparnasse building. 

89 Rue du Bac - 75007 Paris

Rue du BAC is only a stone's throw from Saint Germain. It is a prestigious street and a place that Parisians and tourists from all over the world can't miss.

1 - 4 RUE CAMBON Paris

Cake and bread home opened for the second time. This store is a good place to know how to get lost and better tempt yourself.